15. Turtle houses designs

15.1. Symmetrical house

Redesign the house to make it more symmetrical.
Below is a symmetrical house, resized to 500 wide for convenience.
The door is in the centre of the front.
The windows are either side of the door at equal distances from the wall and door.
Think of the house as having 10 equal divisions across the front, with each space being 1 division and each door and window each being 2 divisions.

15.2. Module revision


  1. Write new definitions for the house_door and house_window4 to produce the image below. Add these to the house module and use them to make your own row of houses.


15.3. Other compound objects

Add dots, cirles, polygons, pie slices and stars to the shapes module in preparation for making other compound objects.
An empty grid is below.
Design your own compound objects and write definitions to place the parts relative to a start position so that the total object can be scaled.
Some ideas can be gained from the links below.
Remember to write definitions to place each part so that the final object can be scaled and repositioned.
Don’t just use sequencing as in the examples below. Create code that uses definitions to place the shapes from the shape module.
e.g A snowman made of circles. See: https://copyassignment.com/draw-snowman-using-turtle/